ALICE IN Wonderland キャラクター紹介その1『ALICE』

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Today’s column will introduce you to our main character, ALICE!

ALICE, a young girl with a wildly curious nature, finds herself spiraled into a topsy-turvy world called Wonderland, a place full of wonder, mystery and magic.
ALICE is sweet, gentle, kind and courteous, with a great love and acceptance for the many and different creatures she meets in Wonderland.

The CHESHIER CAT introduces ALICE to the mystery of Wonderland, and at first Alice is cautious and feels lost, but she manages to find her own inner-strength and self-perseverance to keep going.
After attending tea parties hosted by THE HATTER she makes many friends, and the inhabitants of Wonderland fall in love with her. After experiencing all of the mysteries of Wonderland, she begins to feel at home.

Life in Wonderland is not without hardship, with the QUEEN OF HEARTS jealous of Alice’s popularity amongst the others, often screaming “OFF WITH HER HEAD!!”
However, after a while it seems that even the QUEEN and KING OF HEARTS begin to accept ALICE.

ALICE describes her time in Wonderland as if it were a very strange, and wonderful dream, and she will miss her friends in Wonderland as she tries to find her way home.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about ALICE, and are looking forward to experiencing the crazy world of Wonderland alongside her.

ALICE IN Woederland Project Group Nathan Clark 2019.6.4.