ALICE IN Wonderland キャラクター紹介その2

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Today's column will introduce you to our next character, THE HATTER!

THE HATTER, a fashionable and stylish lover of hats, is one of the most unique characters in Wonderland. His favorite activity is hosting tea parties, which are famous throughout all of Wonderland. After ALICE arrives in Wonderland, she is struck by his charming and trustworthy nature when they first meet at his tea party, attended by all of the inhabitants in Wonderland. They treat ALICE like a true VIP. Since THE HATTER is a true tea expert, he shows her the proper way to drink a cup of tea, with your "ELBOWS DOWN AND PINKIES UP"!

Following his curious nature, he asks ALICE about her story and how she ended up in Wonderland. After she tell's him that she is lost, and would very much like to find her way home, he encourages her that being lost is not such a bad thing. He teachers her that you can experience many new and exciting things whilst seemingly lost, and to "BELIEVE IN ALL THE POSSIBILITIES" that life has to offer.

Whilst many of the inhabitants of Wonderland are scared of THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, THE HATTER seems to have a different perspective. He invites THE QUEEN OF HEARTS and THE KING OF HEARTS to have tea with him, where he even asserts that she is a good person. THE HATTER is very good at understanding people, and he teaches ALICE a very important lesson. He says that what people portray on the outside is often not what is on the inside, they may play a mean character, but their heart is often a different shape.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about THE HATTER, and are looking forward to learning about the other mysterious characters of Wonderland.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Project Team, Nathan Clark.